Throughout the past twenty-five years, the Memorial House has become the worthy home of Bartok's art: his works for piano, chamber music pieces and classic compositions, that may once have been played between these walls during his life, are now regularly interpreted by the most prominent Hungarian artists in the concert hall. Moreover, his spirit is worthily represented by the music events presenting the latest contemporary compositions and the introduction of the most eminent young musical entrants.

Photo: Janos Dozvald,
Aliona Frank, Gyorgy Gati, Csaba Kiraly, Kata Kovacs, Gabor Modos, Gyorgy Palffy, Csilla Simon, Ágnes Szel,
Janos Szentivani, Jozsef Toth, Gabor Vasarhelyi,
Istvan Vidovics

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The 120-seat event room on the second floor regularly houses concerts, film presentations, talks on music and other events. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia devices, and also houses a Steinway grand piano for solo and chamber music performances. The round "theatron" in the garden is a venue for open-air concerts.


January - June, 2016

Event information last updated: 13 May 2016
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15-16 September, 2016


6 pm Tuesday, 12 January

Violin recital by Júlia Pusker

Partner: Renáta Konyicska (piano)

J. S. Bach: Sonata G major, BWV 1021
Bartók: Solo Sonata, Sz. 117, BB 124
Kodály: Adagio for Violin and Piano
Beethoven: Sonata A major, op. 47 (Kreutzer)

- Joint concert with the Jakobi Koncert Kft -
Tickets: Jakobi Koncert


6 pm Tuesday, 9 February

Recial Series by Balázs Fülei

"Thus or So - Who and Where?"

- Joint concert with the Jakobi Koncert Kft -
Tickets: Jakobi Koncert


11 am Saturday, 13 February

Piano matinee concert by Marco Bianchi

- Nocturne C minor
- Preludes Op. 28
Liszt: Vallee d’ Obermann

Entry: HUF 1500


11 am Saturday, 27 February

Concert by the Eris String Quartet

Alice Ivy-Pemberton (violin)
Králik Abigél (violin)
Jasper Snow (viola)
Daniel Hass (violoncello)

Bartók: 44 Duets – extracts
- 32 (Máramarosi tánc)
- 28 (Bánkódás)
- 35 (Rutén Kolomejka)
- 1 (Párosító)
- 36 (Szól a Duda)
Beethoven: String Quartet A minor op. 132
Haydn: String Quartet C major Hob.III:32, op. 20, No. 2

Emcee: Gábor Eckhardt

The Eris String Quartet was founded on the Summer String Academy held by Itzhak Perlman in 2014. They played on the master class by the General Director of the San Francisco Symphony, under direction of the violoncellist of the famous Cavani String Quartet, Merry Peckham. Last year the Eris Quartet gave more concerts in New York and in February 2015 they played on the „From the Top” program of the NPR (American Pulbic Service Radio), where they have been asked for world premier of a piece by the flim director Danny Elfman. The members of the Quartet played together as well as separately on well-known stages throughout USA. All the four are holders of the prestigious Kovner Fellowship scolarship, students of the Juilliard School in New York..

Entry: HUF 1500


6 pm Tuesday, 8 March

Chamber Concert by
Szilvia Vörös (voice) and László Váradi (piano)

Liszt: 3 Songs
- Im Rhein, im schönen Strome
- Es muß ein Wunderbares sein
- Ihr Glocken von Marling
Liszt–Schubert: Song transcriptions
- Erlkönig
- Gretchen am Spinnrade
- Der Müller und der Bach
Liszt: 3 Songs
- Freudvoll und leidvoll
- Es war ein König in Thule
- Die drei Zigeuner
Liszt–Bellini: Reminiscence de Norma
Schumann: Woman's Love and Life (Frauenliebe und Leben) -
- Song-cycle

- Joint concert with the Jakobi Koncert Kft -
Tickets: Jakobi Koncert


for kindergarteners and for juniors

11 am Saturday, 19 March

"Music in the Nature"

Creative music matinee with the music teacher Béla Ferge

Organizer and hostess of the concerts: Dóra Szalóczy music teacher

Entry: HUF 1500


6 pm Friday, 25 March

Piano Recital by Gábor Csalog
on the 135th birthday of Béla Bartók

- 14 Bagatelles op. 6.
- For Children - Volume I
Liszt: Via Crucis

This event will be life bradcasted through Bartók Radio Station.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Human Capacities

Entry: HUF 2000


6 pm Friday, 1 April

Piano Recital by Dénes Várjon

Beethoven: Bagatelles op.126
Bartók: For Children - selection
Bartók: Outdoors
Bartók: Rumanian Christmas Carols (Colinde)
Bartók: Mikrokosmos - selection
Beethoven: Sonata A flat major, op.110

- Joint concert with the Klasszikus Koncert Kft.
Entry: HUF 2500


11 am Saturday, 9 April

Instrument presentation by the prof. Gábor Kovács

for kindergarteners and for juniors

"Music in Houshold"

Organizer and hostess of the concerts: Dóra Szalóczy music teacher

Entry with Museum ticket

- Scripts and Collections

6 pm Thursday, 14 April

Presentation fo the Online Catalogue and Folk Music Concert by the solo instrument player and singer students of the Folk Music Department, Franz Liszt Music Academy

Program has been realized as a result of the the Museum of the Ethnography,
this event is sponsored by

the Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; the Hungarian Haritage House and the Bartók-successor Gábor Vásárhelyi.

Entry: HUF 1500, free for Students


6 pm Friday, 15 April

Concert by the Egri & Pertis Piano Duet

Schubert: Marche caracteristique C major D 968 B No. 2
- Spring Song
- Song for the Venetian Gondola
- Allegro, B flat major
Saint-Saens: Duettino op. 11
Kreisler-Rachmanyinov: Liebesfreud
Brahms: Waltzes, op. 39 - selection
Fauré: Dolly-szvit op. 56
Dvorak: Slavonic Dances op. 46 - selection

- Sponsored by the Budapest Spring Festival

Entry: HUF 2000


6 pm Friday, 22 April

Chamber Concert
by P
éter Somogyi (violin), László Pólus (violoncello)
Anna Lugosi (piano)

Brahms: Trio E major op. 40 No. 2
Dvorak: „Dumky” Trio op. 90

- Sponsored by the Budapest Spring Festival

Entry: HUF 2000


11 am Saturday, 14 May

"Wagner and Ritter"- Ritter Viola

Lecture by Dr. György Győriványi Ráth

Carl Smith
and Orsolya Zrínyi (Ritter viola)
Zoltán Füzesséry and Nóra Gábor Nagy (piano)

Stradella-Ritter: Arie di chiesa
Biber-Zrínyi:Passacaglia in g-moll
Wagner-Ritter: Lied aus der Oper Tannhauser
Joachim: Romanze op. 2 No. 1
Auer-Smith: Deuxieme Reverie
Hubay: „Maggiolata – Chant de Mai” op. 15/2
Glinka: Nocturne, „La Séparation”
Dohnányi: Intermezzo from the Symphony No.1
Hubay: Intermezzo from the Violin Maker of Cremona op. 40
- Rhapsody No. 1
- An Evening at the Village
Ysaye-Zrínyi: Obsession
Chaplin-Smith: Zigeuner Duett

Hermann Ritter (1849-1926) played for Wagner in 1876 in Bayreuth on a self-developed viola. "I am sorry for not having known about this instrument before, what coul I have composed for it in the orchestra?" It had an effect on Wagner so much, that he immediately ordered 6 pieces of it for the Festspiel, and he invited Ritter to lead the viola part of the Orchestra of Festpiel. He directly indicated the name of the new instrument in the full score of Parsifal. The gigantic-sized instruments were made by Karl Adam Hörlein in his Workshop in Würzburg. We are welcome to become acquianted with the spirit-warming sound, "solistic power" of Ritter Viola.

Entry: HUF 1500


6 pm Thursday, 19 May

Barnabás Kelemen (violin)
Katalin Kokas (violin, viola)
Dóra Kokas (violoncello)
Eszter Illés (flute)
Pertis Szabolcs (folk recorder)
Mónika Egri, Attila Pertis and István Lajkó (piano)

Introduction – Szabolcs Pertis

Family music Nr. 5, Sonata for Violin and Violoncello
6 Aphorisms (solo version)
2 Rhapsodies (recorder-viola)
Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1
Capriccio (piano-flute-violoncello)
Family music Nr. 4, Three Mystic Etudes
Serenade (violin-viola-violoncello)

- Sponsored by the OTP Bank

Entry: HUF 2000


11 am Saturday, 21 May

Michel Sogny's Teaching Method
Presentation and Concert

Leader teacher: Gabriella Szentpéteri

Entry: HUF 1500


6 pm Friday, 27 May

Piano Recital by Zsolt Szokolay Ádám

Liszt: Aprés une Lecture du Dante
Takács Jenő: In Memory of Béla Bartók
- Eckloge
- Harlequin
Ferenc Farkas: Three burlesques for Piano
Sándor Szokolay:
- Two Sonatinas, op. 9 / 1, 2
- Suite from the "Vérnász"
Máté Hollós:
- Latmotives
- Hungarian Motives
Erzsébet Szõnyi: Toccatina
- Romanian Folk Dances
- Allegro barbaro
- Sonatina
- Rhapsody from "For Children"
- Suite op. 14
Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6

- Sponsored by the Municipality of Budapest -

Entry: HUF 1500


11 am Saturday, 28 May

Concert by the Awarded Pianists of the Budapest Musikpreis

F. Poulenc: Toccata
W. A. Mozart: Sonata C major -KV 330
F. Chopin: Fantaisie-impromptu
- Máté Dömötör

W.A. Mozart: Sonata D major - KV 576
R. Schumann: Abegg Variations Op. 1
- Anna Karácsonyi

R. Schumann: Intermezzi Op. 4 No. 2, No. 5, No. 6
F. Chopin: Don Juan variations Op. 2
- Éva Szalai

Liszt: Il penseroso
Liszt: Vallée d'Obermann
- Róza Radnóti


Entry free


11 am Saturday, 4 June

Presentation concert by the "Sound-Rose" Piano School

Guest artist: János Balázs (piano)

Emcee: Balázs Juhász, piano teacher



Június 29. szerda 18 óra

Concert from the chamber music of Pál Járdányi and in memory of the 50th anniversary of the composer's death.

Judit Németh (mezzosoprano),
Vilmos Szabadi (violin),
Brigitta Tarasszova (piano)

Entry: HUF 2000

Date and program are subject to change.

Events 2015 (Archive)

Complete Piano Works by Béla Bartók on Bartók's Bösendorfer Piano

Piano Recital Series by Csaba Király, 2015-2017

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